Union vs. Al-Wahda: Preview of the Crucial Roshan League Clash

Union vs. Al-Wahda: Preview of the Crucial Roshan League Clash
Union vs. Al-Wahda: Preview of the Crucial Roshan League Clash

The Union team is set to face the Al-Wahda team on Monday, August 28, 2023, as part of the fourth round of the Saudi Roshan League. This match holds significant importance for the fans, as many are curious about the broadcasting channels for the match and the commentator who will cover it.

Match Date and Broadcasting Channels

The match will take place at the King Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium, which is the home of the Al-Wahda team. An estimated 25,000 spectators are expected to attend the match, and as of now, the referees appointed by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation have not been announced.

The match is scheduled to kick off at 9:00 PM Riyadh and Cairo time, 10:00 PM Abu Dhabi time, 7:00 PM Rabat time, and 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time.

In a previous encounter between the two teams, the match ended in favor of the Union with a score of 2-1, during the twenty-third round of the Roshan League.

As for the broadcasting channels for the match, it can be watched on the encrypted "SSC Sport Extra 1" channel in high-definition HD quality, or in standard definition SD quality without encryption. The channel can be received on frequency 12418 on the "Arabsat" satellite, with horizontal polarization and error correction rate of 3/4 and a coding rate of 27500.

Commentator for the Union vs. Al-Wahda Match:

Saudi commentator Mushari Al-Qarni will be the one providing coverage and commentary for the match, adding a distinct perspective to the events.

Football enthusiasts can also watch the match online through smartphones, computers, and TV screens via the "Shahid VIP" platform.

Expected Union Lineup for the Match:

The Union's head coach, Nuno Espírito Santo, is likely to rely on the following lineup:

- Goalkeeper: Marcelo Grohe.

- Defensive line: Mudallal Al-Olayan, Ahmed Sharahili, Omar Hawsawi, Zakaria Hawsawi.

- Midfield: Romarinho da Silva, Fabinho, N'Golo Kanté, Igor Coronado.

- Forward line: Abdulrazzaq Hamdallah, Karim Benzema.

Expected Al-Wahda Lineup:

The Al-Wahda head coach, Georgios Donis, is likely to rely on the following lineup:

- Goalkeeper: Abdulqados Atiya.

- Defensive line: Islam Hawsawi, Abdullah Al-Hafith, Jawad Al-Yamiq, Said Al-Mulad.

- Midfield: Hussain Al-Issa, Fayçal Fajr, Alaa Al-Hajji, Abdulaziz Noor.

- Forward line: Hazzaa Al-Ghamdi, Anselmo...

By providing a comprehensive analysis, the article covers various aspects of the upcoming match, including the match details, broadcasting information, previous encounter, commentators, and expected lineups for both teams.

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